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This quite possibly could have been one of the best photoshoots that I have ever worked on. To see your dreams and ideas unfolding in front of you with such an amazing team by your side – this is absolute euphoria.

We spent our Sunday wandering Maltese streets, scouting interesting retro locations, and buying peculiar souvenirs. We made friends and we made stories. A certain wistfulness comes when you remember those stories through the souvenirs collected or through the outfit you wore. Memories live on the strangest of ways.

This shoot symbolizes everything I love about putting on a favorite outfit. In a favorite outfit, you wear your personality on your sleeve – and on your pants and on your shoes… These little strips of fabric carry so many secrets and so many memories. Oh, the secrets they have held over time. You see that favorite jacket differently than anyone else in the world could ever see it. Those pants have walked with you on so many adventures. It’s as if they almost define you. Their print not only reflects the trends but also your personality. And there’s no way in hell that anyone could make them look as good as you do.

Visit our shop soon to see what other retro vintage clothing you could add to your memories. All vintage will be available in the Disco Donut shop – even the old school bum bags!

Model: Jade Joksimovic
Photographer: Silver Portugov
Styling: Sacha Kinser

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